Monday, June 27, 2011

New Mars anomaly

Most of you have probably heard about these anomalies that are often found on Mars. The most famous and known anomaly is probably the "face" (Wikipedia's Mars face pictures) which was proven to just be a low res image that resembled a face shortly after.

Recently, the "armchair astronaut" David Martinez claimed to have found another anomaly with Google Mars (the mars version of Google Earth), but not just that, he even proceeded to claim that it was for sure an alien orbital station or power plant! He seems to have contacted the NASA about it as well, but he never got any answer back. Tons of speculations and theories started to come up in the web after he uploaded the videos on youtube.

The coordinates of the pic are 71 49’ 19.73” N  -  29 33’ 06.53” W

You know, the idea of life on Mars is fascinating to say the least, and it would be an incredible find if it is really going to be proven true, but as far as experiences tell us, all the previous anomalies have always been a product of the low quality and resolution of the images. Our brain "hates" the unknown, so it automatically tries to associate an image that has no logical explanation to something that we already know. This is called Pareidolia, which is behind all of these apparently amazing finds on Mars.

After a brief research on this matter, I have come to the conclusion that this is nothing else than just another anomaly indeed. Whomever is interested can check here how the anomaly is just an example of what they call pixel corruption. You can find out in two high res pictures in the Mars Image Explorer site about this, the best picture to find out how this is just pixel corruption is named H5620_0000_ND2, it is pretty big (around 300 Megabytes) and you are going to need the NASA View program to view it correctly. 

This is the real Mars pixel station!

I repeat it, if these anomalies would prove to be real, I would be the first to be extremely happy and excited about it, but for now, all of this are just the fruits of bad quality pics that make us see what is not real. In the hope of finding a real intelligent made structure or real proof of life in the universe, I salute you, see you with my next post!

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