Saturday, August 6, 2011

Plastic can be converted back into oil. All thanks to this machine.

You heard that right, the machine that you are going to see in this video is capable of turning plastic back into oil, the plastic doesn't even need to be cut or worked in any way before putting it into said machine, you just grab it, throw it in, and turn on the switch.

This find is not really recent, it has been around for some years and has been revisited and upgraded as time passed by, it really seems that we are at a good point right now.

Everyone knows how plastic is bad to our planet, both for us and for the animals that inhabit the Earth, ALL of them. Even the oceans are plagued with the plastic wastes, which kills fishes and birds every single day.

On top of that, the raw oil resources in our planet are ending, and a good 7% of the oil is used for plastic, being able to turn all the plastic wastes into oil is going to be one of the best things of our times, technically speaking, used plastic right now is a treasure, not trash. Burning down plastic produces a lot of toxins that are freely released into our atmosphere, terrain and oceans, converting the plastic back to oil is going to lower the amount of toxins released by a lot.

Some people might have doubts about the energy requirements for this machine, which is understandable. This find is awesome to say the least, but what if the energy usage heavily outweights the results? This is not the case, in fact, (taken from the source) One kilogram of plastic produces almost one liter of oil. To convert that amount takes about 1 kwh of electricity, which is approximately ¥20 or 20 cents’ worth.

I wonder what the oil companies think about this, while they are moving people away from their villages in africa, even resorting to violence sometimes to get to the oil sources, this man is getting oil from plastic in a matter of minutes, maybe this is why we haven't heard about this find on TV yet?

The only thing that I can say about this, is that we shouldn't slow down to reaching the goal of replacing all the current cars with electric cars and moving to renewable sources of energies in general, transforming plastic back to oil is great, but this shouldn't make us lose sight or slow us down with it.


  1. Whoa, that is unbelivable! I hope this comes out soon to the general public :] We could potentaly make gasoline at home from waste :D that would be simply umbelivable I just hope it's not some BS

  2. Wow thats a great machine. It will, no doubt, never become commercial though because its more than likely not 'cost-effective'. :(


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