Monday, October 3, 2011

Declassified UFO documents #2

4 November 1948 - Official document where the USAF states that they are concerned by the recurring reports on flying saucers. The Swedish air force intelligence states that these phenomena are obviously the result of a high technical skill which cannot be associated to any presently known culture on earth.

4 August 1950 - Official document about UFO sightings over an important USA nuclear plant, and an attack attempt by some fighters. Note the subject of the document "flying discs"

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19 September 1952 - This declassified British document talks about an UFO sighting that happened during a big NATO drill, the soldiers spotted a flying saucer out of nowhere that seemed to be following a Meteor aircraft at first but then started to descent, swinging in a pendular motion like a leaf. The object then started rotating on his own axis and suddenly accelerated at an incredible speed.

More documents to come.

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