Saturday, October 1, 2011

Declassified UFO documents - The Project Magnet report

If you have read my previous post about the 9500 Canadian declassified UFO documents, you most likely gave a look at the Project Magnet too, which I linked in the post as I deem it one of the most important declassified UFO documents by far.

The Project Magnet report is an official 1952 document about UFO studies. In this document we can essentially see how the government starts accepting the fact that some of these UFOs can be extra-terrestrial vehicles, and what they are going to do to gather as most data as possible about them. 

Especially at page 6, there is an incredible statement for a government:

Click the picture to make it larger.

"It appears then, that we are faced with a substantial probability of the real existence of extra-terrestrial vehicles, regardless of whether or not they fit into our scheme of things, such vehicles of necessity must use a technology considerably in advance of what we have. It is therefore submitted that the next step in this investigation should be a substantial effort towards the acquisition of as much as possible of this technology, which would without doubt be of great value to us"

The fact that a government so openly states that what they are seeing are actually extra-terrestrial vehicles should have been one of the biggest news of all times about the declassification of UFO documents, but incredibly enough, these papers have been left in the dark. What would you say if I told you that these documents have been available since 2005? That's 6 years ago, have you ever heard of this until now? Probably not, since there are only a few sites that know or have spoken about this, the TVs as far as I know have never said a word about it.

Is the UFO scene is so contaminated with sensationalistic lies just to gain attention, fake videos and photos, and fantasy stories that when something real and undeniable like this comes out it doesn't get any kind visibility? Sadly, it really looks like that it is.

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  1. unbeleavable
    i can't see how a government can write something like this, never saw it before!


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