Thursday, December 15, 2011


I casually found this sort of educative flash game online where you control a cell. It isn't one of those arcade-ish or fast paced games, this game actually explains and shows in detail everything that the cell is doing, and how it works.

I found it to be very good, educative and fun at the same time. This of course cannot replace a seriously studied book, but watching in real time the RNA and ribosomes interact while the in game text explains to you what is happening is really something that caught my attention and curiosity.

The game also has a (very simple) story. Your planet is going to be destroyed by an asteroid in 100 years and you have been given the task to preserve and secure your species survival, as a biologist you start researching on new cells that might survive in space to reach other colonizable planets.

This is the link:

All credits go to the creators of the game, which can be found in the description after you visit that link.

Have fun and watch out for viruses!

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  1. I tried this one out and it's fun! but I get completely demolished in the last level...


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