Friday, December 2, 2011

Eisenhower's great granddaughter and aliens

Laura Eisenhower spoke her mind during the Johannesburg UFO conference.

She claimed that extraterrestrial technologies are used every day to control the Earth's population, for example, the recent tsunami and earthquakes have been artificially created with the HAARP.

She also claimed that the governments are and have been collaborating with Alien entities, and that contracts with these extraterrestrial beings have been signed every 10 years.

Another claim said that the governments thanks to the mental manipulation can keep all of this hidden, and "recruit" common citicens to do the dirty work against their will for them.

This is basically what is bad about studying this kind of things, and how just the claims of one can put to shame every serious work and research, Laura's claims are simply ridiculous... Yes, of course there are secret military technologies, everyone knows that, but getting to the point of saying that governments have been working with aliens to keep the Earth population "in check" is really taking it a bit over the top.

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