Thursday, December 8, 2011

Germany - The administrative court of Berlin ordered to the parliament to release the German UFO files

This is happening thanks to the request of Frank Reitemeyer.

Every official information that was elaborated by the German Parliament Scientific service of investigation has to be released.

Frank Reitemeyer managed to forward this request thanks to the German freedom of information act.

The Deutsche Bundestag tried to hold the files, in an attempt to stop the divulgation, but Berlin's tribunal is more inclined to make them public, all backed up by some precise laws about the freedom of information.

The Detusche Bundestag attorneys explicitly requested to deny the divulgation of a precise file about the search of intelligent life in the universe and the implementation of the ONU A 33/426 resolution about the observation of UFOs and extraterrestrial life forms, but the Judges of the tribunal ordered that every file has to be divulgated to the public.

After the other many countries that made public their UFO files, Germany seems to be next, there will probably be updates very soon about this.

- The document that the attorneys wanted to keep secret (the ONU A 33/426 resolution) is about an agreement between the members of the ONU to create a competent department to analyze all the results of the researches about UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligent life forms. According to what we know, this was never created for several reasons. Why keep the file secret if this department has never been created? There's really something fishy about this.

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