Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brain memory expansions make rats able to instantly know things.

Scientists of the University of South California's Viterbi School of Engineering have developed a prosthetic chip that interacts with the memory of the rats' brain, enhancing it using electrodes. What does that mean?

According to Dr. Theodore Berger (the man who is leading the scientists) in poor words: if you flip the switch on, the rats remember, if you flip it off they forget. This amazing discovery is the real proof that we needed to confirm how the brain can interact with a neural prosthesis in real time to identify and modify the neural memory encoding processes, this allows to restore or even enhance said cognitive mnemonic processes.

Without the need to say that this kind of awesome technology can be widely used in medicine particularly on mental degenerative diseases like Alzheimer or for amnesia and losses of memory, these chips have the potential to be used in the same way that Neo becomes a master of Kung-Fu in an incredible short period of time just by "installing" the techniques on his brain like in the movie Matrix.

The future seems to be quite easier than what it is now. Right now we have to study, suffer and work hard for quite some time to become good at something, I am one to talk, since every morning I wake up to go to the university!

With this technology you won't even have to do that anymore, what to become a lawyer? Install the lawyer chip! You're going to learn every single legislation of every single state in the world in a matter of seconds! Want to become a space engineer? No problem, install the space engineer chip! You'll be building space ships at NASA in a matter of minutes! Hell, this could even be used for phisical abilities, want to become good at basketball? Soccer? Tennis? Just install the right chip, train your muscles for a bit, and you're good to go! Want to become a musician? Install the musician chip, learn every single chord, scale, note, progressions and what not in a matter of seconds! The possibilities are endless really.

I really wonder what the future has in hold for us when I see what we are capable of developing, and the technologies are becoming better and better as I write this!


  1. reminds of that show "Futurama" when they gave him a delivery boy chip and he has to do that job for life :*

  2. The future is going to be amazing.. I hope I'm around to see it!


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