Saturday, July 2, 2011

Elixir of long life? It's closer than you think

According to Aubrey de Grey, aging is simply a disease, and like every other disease it needs to be cured. The cure is just harder to develop than what happens with other curable diseases, because it damages our organism in several inevitable ways.

The "cure" to this disease is already in development, and if you are around 20-30 years old you're probably going to be able to benefit from it when said development is over. Looks like that in the future we won't be accepting death as an inevitable end to our lives anymore, we're going to prevent it from happening as if we are curing a flu or cold by taking some pills every day. I really hope that humanity is ready for this!


  1. But people need to die to make room for the next generation or are we destined to live forever?

    This si very intruiging to say the least


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