Monday, July 18, 2011

Some UFO facts

Allow me to start with stating this beforehand: UFO does NOT mean alien spacecraft, a UFO is "simply" an unidentified flying object, it can be a plane, a baloon, a satellite, even a bird.

With that said, the UFO subject has always been bombed by the media and charlatans in every possible way, this lead to a massive and uncontrolled spread of fakes, fake proof, fake stories, and so on. These people, who either want to make money or gain prestige are the most active in the UFO scene. So, thanks to the increase of the available technologies (almost everyone has the possibility of making videos or photos nowadays) and the increase of the "Alien trend" the extremely reduced amount of real proof is even harder to find.

If I had to make a personal estimate of how many real unexplainable UFO events have been documented compared to the fakes, around 1% are real, the other 99% are fakes. The real unexplainable events are really rare.
Before believing in UFO stories, make sure that you know how to distinguish the fake from the true, if the sources of said UFO event are always making hype around their news, they're probably doing that just to attract more audience. If someone is showing you some kind of incredible find with undeniable proof, it would already be in the hands of the scientific community, which is made of very prepared and competitive people.

Most of the real proof about unexplainable UFO events come from the governments, where even the government itself admits that they don't know how to explain said event. The government and the mass-sighting sources are probably the most believable out of them all. A government would never come out and admit how an aircraft cannot possibly be human made and that the possibility of it being alien made cannot be excluded if it wasn't real, and it would be very unlikely that a high number of people would lie and/or modify videos and photographs togheter in a mass sighting without even knowing each other.

I am talking about the Belgium UFO case back in the 30th/May/1990 where a triangle shaped UFO had been sighted by thousands of people including 3 police patrols, university professors and scientists. The Belgium army even sent two F-16, when they almost reached the UFO the strange aircraft went from 300 to 1700 feet and accelerated from 280 to 1700 km/h in just one second, disappearing in the night. No human could survive that burst of speed, in fact, the limit at which a human can survive is 5 times lower. Even the colonel behind the operation did not exclude that it could have been an alien aircraft. I managed to find only the Italian version of this event, where the news speak about it, but there are some videos from national geographic that talk about it in English if you want to check it out.

There are some other UFO cases where the government admitted something similar, like in the 19th of May back in 1986, Brazil.

There are other cases of alien contact, some people in fact declares that they have been in contact with aliens, either mentally or with some sort of telepathy, but none of these can be proven real in any way, and they tend to be discarded togheter in the sea of fake proof. There is not a real video of an alien autopsy, there are no alien constructions on the moon or mars or whatever, there is no Majestic 12, there is no Nibiru, there are no reptilians, there is no real proof that states how the aliens are going to show up to everyone shortly. Some of these things may even exist, but for now there is no real proof about its existance, who says the contrary, is probably just making a fool out of you or they lost any kind of common sense by believing in too many alien fake trash. Most things are made up just to get more readers/viewers.

This is what personally I tend to believe into, it's not hard to edit a video put it in youtube and say how it is an alien spacecraft, same with photographs. When the source is the government or many people that don't even know each other at the same time, then the event starts to get credibility.
That's it for today people, use your brain, don't believe into everything, double check the sources and document yourself on any kind of proof that they provide.


  1. I agree with you fully! Most of the 'crap' about aliens are cheap fakes made by attention seeking people or/and retards who belive also belive that the US goverment brought down the twin towers...

    I had a nice read btw I like your style :]

  2. I always love it when some dumb redneck hick is always the one to spot the UFO.

    good read here.


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