Friday, July 22, 2011

The world ends next year? It already had to many, many, many times before

Let's take a look at how many times the world was supposed to be over before this 2012 new age prediction.

I am going to list some of the predictions that go from the end of the 90s to our days, there are a LOT of them that go back to the dark ages, and keep going throughout all our history, with new predictions every now and then.

4 July 1999: According to some interpretations of Nostradamus' prophecies, a third world war had to start, with Russia and Iran initiating the conflict. Nothing happened

1999: The scientist Hideo Itakawa discovered after a computer simulation that in 1999, right after a solar eclypse, the solar system was going to move itself into a cross shape. The astrologists believed that this formation represented the 4 knights of the apocalypse. This position of the planets would have caused mega earthquakes all over the world and even an increase in the solar activity. Obviously nothing happened.

2000: The number of people and organizations that believed in a world apocalypse in the year 2000 is too big to fit in here, maybe the most famous prophecies could be the malachia and garanbadal prophecies that announced the end of the world. Cayce and the astrologists Mann and Hone predicted the beginning of a new era. There were also catastrophes predictions, with fantastic NASA studies to back them up. It's curios to note that the year 2000 was very similar to the 2012 prediction, the charlatans used the same approach: "With many scientists and professors, even the most skeptic would have to believe this! Yet, Nothing happened.

5 May 2000: Planet alignment between Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus, that would have caused the end of the world. Many "scientists" said that this time the end of the world would have happened for real. With the alignment of these planets, moon and earth included, our planet would have been the subject of an incredible "astronomic stress". Earthquakes, super fast winds, increase of the sea levels, magnetic storms, and all the usual charlatan stuff should have happened that day. Nothing happened.

2000-2001: Another prediction, this time it's about massive solar storms. The usual stuff was predicted here as well: Life extinction, magnetic storms, etcetera. Nothing happened.

2002: Nostradamus predicted a horrible war, out of which a new king would dominate the world.

2003: This is very similar to the 2012 fantastic prophecy. An unknown planet should have hit the Earth, with dramatic and unavoidable consequences. The usual stuff was predicted here as well: Climate changes, sea level increase, lack of food, tsunamis, earthquakes, and so on. Like in 2012, the world governments knew everything, but didn't spread the news because it would have caused a world wide panic (real classic). Obviously nothing happened.

2004: Many of you might have heard of John Titor, the time traveler. His predictions are as ridiculous as the other ones, he predicted a massive third world war that would cause around 3 billion deaths, with Russia nuking Europe, USA, and China.

10 September 2008: A black hole generated by the large hadron collider of Ginevra is going to swallow the earth.

There is also something for our current year, 2011: Many religious groups have declared the end of the world, the HAARP,  Asteroids, Earthquakes, fantastic shadow governments, and so on.

21 December 2012:A new age fantastic prophecy, using the Maya as back up and "proof" announces that a massive unknown planet (first known as planet X, then known as Nibiru) is going to either hit or pass close to the Earth, delivering incredible amounts of damage, killing every life form. In case the Planet X option wouldn't be believable enough, we won't be able to survive either way. Either because super earthquakes, massive solar storms, planets alignment, magnetic storms... The classic ridiculous stuff.

13 April 2029: Since nothing is going to happen in 2012, the charlatans have already turned their interests to the passage of the asteroid Apophis close to the Earth, the laws of physics and REAL scientists say that nothing is going to happen.

13 April 2036: Since nothing is going to happen even in 2029, the same charlatans turned their interests on this date! Apophis is going to come close to the Earth again, and since we are many years away from this date, there isn't many scientific accurate data about it, but even the little data that we have already proves that nothing is going to happen.

You're free to believe in the 2012 prophecy, no one is going to stop you. That's it for today people, see you with the next proph- I mean post!

Many thanks go to the Dr. Pasquariello Domenico and his site


  1. People won't stop predicting the end of the world til the end of the world :P. Guess it keeps them busy in life


    No really, I saw it prophesied in my alphabet soup.

  3. It's the same story over and over and over...

    the world wont end move along with your lifes



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