Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where is our progress leading us to?

I have thought quite a bit about this, with all the new technologies that we are developing, our future really looks like it is going to be even stranger than the strangest sci-fi movie, we will not be the same in every sense.

I mean: if you have read my previous article about the brain implants, in a few years we are going to be able to learn anything we need instantly by applying a micro chip containing the data in our brain, something like transferring data from an USB to your computer. You're going to be able to become an all knowing scientist, engineer, attorney in a matter of seconds, or even all of them!
Sentient robots are not that far from becoming real, and we are going to be able to live forever, unless killed from external sources.

The technological progress doesn't only change how we live, it also changes our society and customs. Religion is going to disappear sooner or later, when our minds are going to be "elevated" to the point of knowing about everything in the universe. We are also going to unite the world into only one flag, we won't be known anymore as America, China or Europe, we are going to be known as world. I think that we all can agree that if we keep going on like this we are going to kill ourselves with our own hands.

In my opinion the only thing that can make us unite togheter into a single flag, would be some kind of big menace that is capable of bringing destruction upon the whole world: Such as an asteroid, a killer virus or if you want a more fantasy-like setting an alien attack, something like that would require the efforts of the whole world togheter, making us realize how being united is 10 times better than being by ourselves.

The main problem behind the unification, is the money. It doesn't matter what people tells you, or how important persons try to hide it, everything is done for the money. I see a future where robots are going to do everything for us, money is not going to be as important as it is nowadays, and will be discarded in the end. An advanced race is either going to find a way to remove the greedy and powerhungry bad sides of his nature, or remove what can "feed" such feelings, money in this case.

Let's not forget how also genetics is developing, we're going to be able to change anything about our DNA, we are going to discard the bad things, and add advantageous things. We're going to decide our own evolution, making changes that would require millions of years in a matter of years. A change that I can think about would be some kind of photosynthesis system, imagine not needing to eat anymore (discarding also all the negative effects of bad food and discarding such a complex digestive system as well, since we're going to need only water). Another thing that could happen, instead of a pure biological modification, would be a mix between biological and robotic life forms. The possibilities are endless.

What is certain, is that we won't be the same "humans" anymore, we're going to decide what we become, in every sense. The problem is getting there, and if our situation keeps going on like this, we're probably going to destroy ourselves before anything like this happens.


  1. Very interesting article friend I like your way of thinking! Agree to a certain extent also about how anything can be learnt also information could just be taken for granted and not how it is now that it is learnt over time and by experience not instantaneously.

  2. an interesting read especially your conclusion but like many times before we will have to wait and see where the yellow brick road takes us too :]

  3. I get your point and I think I agree with most of your post. However, I think that we won't be bewildered by the 'strangeness' of our future as we'll gradually blend into it. Most of those pioneer technologies won't appear at one particular moment. On the other hand, it'll be shocking when watched from a - let's say - 1960s' perspective.


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