Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Buenos Aires 2:10 A.M - One death and 8 wounded because of a "fire ball" that fell from the sky

A Paraguayan woman died and 8 other people wounded this Monday because of a mysterious explosion caused, according to the testimonies, by a fire ball that fell from the sky.

It all happened at dawn, in the city named Esteban Echeverria, where two houses and three vehicles have been destroyed, because of the explosion that is being investigated by the authorities.

"The floor of the room where I was sleeping started floating, the roof deformed itself and all the glasses of my house exploded, when I went outside, I saw a fire falling from the sky that put on fire a lamp post 20 meters away" Is what an inhabitant stated.

This photo has been taken by a witness that day, shown by the CN5 channel. This photo is currently under analysis by the competent authorities UPDATE: El pais is talking about a fake photo about the flying object and false testimony, so this photo might actually be fake - UPDATE: the photo has been confirmed to be fake.

Another inhabitant saw a fire coming from above, which was blueish in color.

"We are investigating and it is too early to make any hypothesis right now, but sometimes implosions can cause this." Is what the ex mayor of the city Fernando Grey declared.

The woman that died, has been identified as Silvia Espinoza, 43 years old - She used to live in one of the houses that have been destroyed by the explosion.

All the inhabitants who were a victim of the event, or managed to watch what happened, explicitly state that they have seen something coming from the sky, something like a fireball with a bright light.

The gas explosion cause isn't excluded, but all the inhabitants disagree and claim to have seen an object falling from the sky

Video (In spanish)

Daytime video (extremely low/no audio)

Taken, translated, and modified in some parts from here.

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  1. Im from Argentina and this is really baffling. It wasnt fire, that is for sure. It was like some kind of implosion!


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