Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Transpersonal meetings with extraterrestrials, what you need to know

Since the UFO sightings became commonly accepted by the population, way back in the 1947, there has always been certain people that claimed to be in contact with advanced alien life forms with some kind of transpersonal or spiritual way. These people are known as contactees, they claim to be some kind of "chosen ones" contacting aliens every day failing to bring any kind of proof to the table and just blindly following their own fantastic ideas.

If you think about it, who follows a religion because of faith, usually is not going to listen to someone that rationally disproves it with scientific proof, because they are so convinced about their ideas that no one is going to be able to move them from their position, the same happens with the contactees and their transpersonal experiences.

Since this contact movement started, NONE of them has brought any kind of proof to back up their incredible claims. They claim to have conversations and/or have rides on the spaceships of these "good aliens" also known as "space brothers" by them, but still, they have never managed to back it up in any way.

These kind of transpersonal or spiritual experiences, have always been present in our human history. Today they contact aliens, before we had demons, divinities, the dead, dragons, etc. It looks like a pattern, where in the past the population was heavily influenced by legends and stories about dragons or demons, so their transpersonal experiences were influenced by those just as today the increase of stories, movies and sightings about aliens influence us.

These contactees manage to have also a big nice number of followers, because they always come up with new (fake) documentaries about their spiritual or transpersonal meetings, new websites with pseudo-spiritual messages to catch the eye, and who actually falls for this is ready to defend the, let's call it madness, in any possible way, most of the times aggressively. I have personally seen contactees followers defend the "prophets" with everything they had and it wasn't too different from someone that defended their god from a blasphemous claim.

The contactee scene, thanks to the pretty big number of people that fall for it, is still very active even today, into what is known as the new age ufology. It really looks like as if these charlatans are trying to come up with some kind of new religion based on fake claims about aliens, based only on personal stories about spiritual or transpersonal experiences.

Obviously, the point of this is either money making, or becoming well known. In fact most of the well known contactees came up with books, some other became very well known in the ufology scene, and some others even participated in some TV shows.
Whereas who actually has a rational approach to the subject and has to work to find scientific and real proof behind the UFO and/or alien life forms gets no recognition at all, but not only that, even the serious researcher risks to fall under the "UFO = transpersonal experiences or spiritual meetings" ideas.

When approaching the UFO or Alien subject, always double check the sources, ask for proof, heavily document yourself and keep your eyes open, there is almost no real proof left on the internet, thanks to this people.

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