Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mars: Mysteries and curiosities about the red planet

These are some pictures that in my opinion are to be taken into consideration when analyzing Mars' history and surface, I know that there are other pics going around in the Internet about humanoids, faces and whatnot, but I usually don't give too much importance to such stuff, which is usually hyped up and spread around just to cheaply get views and hits on websites. I try to keep it rational.
Many pics inside, click "read more" to see them!

(Click on the pictures to watch them at their original size)

Ground anomalies:

The famous Mars "vegetation" which in reality is just sand and cracks on the ground:

This is what the "vegetation" really looks like:
 (Full picture here)

Ice just under the surface close to the poles:

Salt water found by NASA onto the legs of the Phoenix lander:

UFO flying in the skies of Mars:

Strange Martian objects:

 These objects have been found in an ancient river's bed:

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  1. Amazing photos, maybe there really is life out on Mars XD


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