Saturday, September 24, 2011

Science and new ideas - Not always an easy approach

Science has always been very difficult to approach with new ideas, we used to firmly believe that the Earth was at the center of the Universe, for example, and whomever went against those widely accepted ideas was considered a charlatan, crazy or something along the lines of that, like Copernicus. 

This "close minded" attitude seems to not have changed much throughout the years, even today anything that goes against the widely accepted theories of science is considered at least a bit crazy or strange, some recent examples are with the CERN scientists who supposedly sent particles at speeds faster than light, or the Cold Fusion E-Cat, apparently neither of these two discoveries have been really taken into consideration with the right importance by the scientific community. The feeling is that these studies are not being considered as they should from the start by many, just because they go against some important theories or considered extremely unlikely or impossible to achieve.

Something that goes against Einstein's theory of special relativity can be compared to Copernicus' heliocentrism in history, only a mad man would try to go against what was previously considered impossible.

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