Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?

I bet that some of you said that the Earth is pretty boring when compared to some other planets of the Solar System at least once in your life, I mean: Jupiter has a huge tornado that could contain the Earth three times, Saturn has its famous rings, and so on.

You should absolutely take a moment to look at this, an awesome footage of our planet taken from the international space station. The description of the video takes care of the places that have been recorded and whatnot.

The storms at 0:22 seconds in the video are simply beautiful.

Is our planet still "boring" to you now?

I did not make this awesome video, all credits go to the uploader.


  1. This really is simply amazing, makes you feel very insignificant once you put it all into perspective. :)

  2. The storms may be beautiful but they're deadly!
    The Earth is truly amazing. I wish I could put my hand up and say I was able to see all the deserts, the oceans and both poles at once.
    When space tourism becomes more affordable I'll be first in line to get up there.


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