Monday, September 12, 2011

UFO activity in Mexico - Ceja de Bravo. Farmer claims that an UFO landed on his property

Mexico - Ceja de Bravo - Huimilpan

The inhabitants claim that on the night of September 3rd, Saucer shaped and luminous objects visited their modest city.

The next morning, out of nowhere, don Ambrosio's corn plants were somewhat "pushed" to the ground, to the point of becoming flat.

Exactly like some of the famous crop circles found in England and the phenomenon described in the movie "Signs", the plants didn't break, but were just pushed to the ground, as if "pushed" down.

According to some inhabitants, some lights have been seen during the night, and at around 4 A.M. in the morning they heard the dogs barking, but didn't pay much attention to them.

All of that until Saturday morning, when don Ambrosio Hernandez found out that to his plantation happened something that he has never seen before in his 70 years in Ceja de Bravo, without any clues as to what or who might have done something like that.

Don Ambrosio knows that there are some occasions where the wind manages to pull the plants out of the earth, especially in wet terrain, but there was no wind at all that past night.

That has been confirmed by Virginia Hernandez, niece and neighbour of Ambrosio, she is also the witness of such a strange phenomena for the first time in her life, even though there have been many reports of flying "fire balls", witches and other episodes that do not have a clear explanation nearby.

Don Ambrosio stated that what happened to his plantation couldn't have been done by one or more people.

His property is now being visited like some sort of attraction after the news spread out to the population.

While the plants are slowly going back to their original position, don Ambrosio is requesting the aid of the local authorities to minimize the financial losses.

Translated and modified in some parts from here

Here is a video of the event:

While this might seem a real mysterious event, I remain skeptic, especially because the plants can be pushed down in such a way also by the wind and rain.

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