Friday, September 23, 2011

The speed of light is not the limit - Subatomic particles have gone faster than the speed of light at CERN

Many of you have probably read this already, apparently some particles managed to surpass the speed of light at CERN, the extraordinary find, though, has not been confirmed right away, and this is why I didn't post about it until now, to be sure.

But yesterday at 8:34 A.M. the ANSA agency confirmed it, the speed of light has been surpassed.

Apparently, one of the most widely accepted theories of all times is getting a big hit, Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity explicitly states that the speed of light cannot be surpassed.

One day ago the humongous distances that separate us from other galaxies or even planetary systems were impossible to cover, because the speed of light was known as the Universe's speed limit, and even the relatively tiniest distances were too much for us, but this new find opens a whole new world of possibilities.

CERN scientist Antonio Ereditato was interviewed by BBC and this is what he stated:

"We wanted to find a mistake - trivial mistakes, more complicated mistakes, or nasty effects - and we didn't.

"When you don't find anything, then you say 'well, now I'm forced to go out and ask the community to scrutinise this'."

Friday's meeting was designed to begin this process, with hopes that other scientists will find inconsistencies in the measurements and, hopefully, repeat the experiment elsewhere.

"Despite the large [statistical] significance of this measurement that you have seen and the stability of the analysis, since it has a potentially great impact on physics, this motivates the continuation of our studies in order to find still-unknown systematic effects," Dr Ereditato told the meeting.

"We look forward to independent measurement from other experiments."

"My dream would be that another, independent experiment finds the same thing - then I would be relieved," Dr Ereditato told BBC News.

But for now, he explained, "we are not claiming things, we want just to be helped by the community in understanding our crazy result - because it is crazy".

Source of the interview: BBC

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  1. Man, I'm thinking that there is something not so apparent here that the scientists are missing.


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