Thursday, September 29, 2011

Declassified UFO documents - Canada

These documents were made between 1947 and 1980. This collection of UFO documents is pretty big, according to the site there are around 9500 of them.

These documents don't come only from the Department of Defence, but also by the Department of Transport, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the National Research Council

Even though these documents have been declassified way before the ones in the UK (can be found here) they are still worth a look and very interesting. 9500 declassified documents are a LOT and you'll really have a lot to look for.

I highly suggest that you give a look especially at this one declassified document, the Canada Project Magnet where the government literally admits that the UFOs that they have observed are space ships piloted by aliens which can be found here

For the rest of the collection of 9500 Canada declassified UFO documents, go here


  1. This is some piece of information. I wish I had known about this earlier, wow thanks mate

  2. i'm from canada and i didnt know that


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