Saturday, September 24, 2011

Real UFO photos #3

Before watching these, I suggest that you read my other article that speaks about UFOs, and to especially take into account the part that says "U.F.O. does NOT mean alien spacecraft, a U.F.O. is "simply" an unidentified flying object, it can be a plane, a baloon, a satellite, even a bird."

I am not showing you these photos to tell you "hey look, ET is flying with his ship right there!" - I am just showing you photos of unidentified flying objects.

These photos have all been studied and examined by qualified individuals, and have been deemed as real. No photoshops, no manipulations, nothing.

There are many videos and pictures going around the web about UFOs, but most of them are fakes just to attract people. I try to keep it rational, posting only what really seems to be an unidentified flying object.

Many thanks to for the awesome research.

More real UFO photos here and here.


  1. I'm really interested in this topic but I'd like to know how people can know if these images are real or not, because there are an incredible technology nowadays and there are a lot of methods in order to create or simulate a UFO, I've searched for information in different sites but I haven't gotten something concrete about it, I'd like that you provide something else of these UFO images or an specific fact that provides us a hope about life in other dimensions or planets, thanks!!

  2. You should read my posts about the declassified UFO documents then, especially the Project Magnet.

    Also, these photos have been examined and are either from official sources or old. The possibility that they could have been modified in any way is close to none.


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